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Alibag Beach Alibaug Beach, Nagaon, Mandwa, Kihim, Kashid, Akshi Seashore

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Photos and information about the Alibag beaches like Nagaon, Mandwa, Kihim, Kashid, Akshi

    Alibag Beach Alibaug Beach, Nagaon, Mandwa, Kihim, Kashid, Akshi Seashore

    Ha Sagari Kinara...

    All beaches are good...emm...not better than Kerala beaches but certainly 1000 times better than Miami beach... Once in a blue moon I go to sea shore...May be we can meet...Just Kidding

    Alibag (Alibaug) Beach

    Alibaug Beach

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    Get down at Alibag bus stand...It is approximately 1.1 Km from that. (Near Raigad Zilla Parishad or Civil hospital). You may hire an auto.

    Along side of the beach the sight cypress trees and bungalows which add beauty to the view of the beach. Alibag beach is totally pollution free. Trees move through and fro giving fresh air which a fresh feeling. Walking on the sandy beach is quite pheasant, the waves bring the water close to your feet and because of this one can't resist himself from entering the water.

    Fresh air, Sandy beach,sight of the Colaba fort are the major attractions. In addition to that you may enjoy Bhel-puri, Coconut water, Ice-cream, Sea Food, Alu Bonda etc.

    For a change you can travel in bullock-cart or Tanga. During March-April bullock-cart races and Tanga races are arranged on the beach.

    The right time to visit : November to January

    Nagaon Beach

    Nagaon Beach - Sagar Kinare Dil Ye Pukare...

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    Do you remember "Sagar Kinare Dil Ye Pukare" from film Sagar ? That is Nagaon..approximately 7 Km from Alibag, on Alibag-Revdanda road. Famous place for Coconuts and betel-nuts. ... very calm and quite place.

    This village has beautiful gardens closed to sea beach, big and small wells and temples. The beach is 2 km away from village and is famous as "Satad Beach".

    State Transport buses , eight sitters, auto-rickshaws available for traveling to Nagaon. It takes approx.30 min. The village has facility of hotels, private bungalows, rent houses etc. Homemade( Konkani style) food facility is also available.

    Mandwa Beach

    Mandwa Beach
    Approximately 20 Kms from Alibag. You might have seen Mandwa in movies like Insaaf (Vinod Khanna, Dimple Kapadia), Sagar (Rishi Kapur, Dimple Kapadia), Agnipath (Amitabh, Madhavi, Danny)etc. It is a nice place. You can see lot of baglows of Filmstars.

    It is possible to reach village Mandwa by S.T. bus and upto Jetty by auto-rickshaw. This Jetty is very beautiful and calm. There are Coconut trees on the beach. The beach has beautiful scenery around it. Mumbai city can be seen on a clear day from this Jetty. Daily up-down of launches and catamarans available from Gateway of India to the Jetty. Tourists should not miss the opportunity of availing the experience of opportunity of cool and calm climate while traveling through the blue sea and 'L' shaped Jetty having natural beauty of its own is very different from others.

    Kihim Beach - Mumbai Weekend Beaches Kihim Alibag

    Kihim Beach "You are from Alibag... Do you know "King Ham" beach?" Somone in US asked me last week. "Emm..No"...I was trying to recall but could not...Suddenly I realized that he was talking about Kihim.

    It is situated west of Kihim-Chondhi Chauk, approximately 9 Km from Alibag. Crowded with employess of Rashtriya Chemical Fertilizers(RCF, Thal).

    It takes approximately half an hour to reach Kihim by auto-rickshaw or by bus. This beach is a very attractive halt for tourists. Because of its natural beauty, beach keeps you in a very pleasant mood. You can see soft and golden sand only on this beach. You can watch different types of birds here.

    Do you know that the great ornithologist Salim Ali used to stay here?

    You can stay in Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation(MTDC)'s resort. Also Rashriya Chemicals and Fertilizers LTD co. has built a huge Rest-House at Kihim for tourists. Besides this hotels, private bungalows and rented houses are also available in the village.

    Kashid Beach

    Kashid Beach

    On Alibag-Murud Highway.... just 32 Km from Alibag... Place away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    Although I never had been there, it is highly recommended by my friends.

    This beach is calm and quite having lots of cypress trees on shore. Soft and Golden sand, pleasant climate of this beach attracts tourist from various places. S.T.bus and Private rickshaws are available to reach this beach

    Akshi Beach

    Akshi Beach

    Akshi is a ever green village. Just 5 Km from Alibag ... Full of fishers... Generally not crowded...(That's the reason I love it).

    One can travel by Alibag-Revdanda bus, eight sitter auto rickshaw or private vehicles to Akhshi. It takes approx.15 min. All houses in village are built in deep shadow of coconut, betel-nut trees.

    One more important thing...Don't miss the epigraph prepared by Raja Keshidevaray in the year 1012. If you are studying Marathi might be knowing that.

    In this premises their is an epigraph prepared by Konkan Shiladar King Keshidevaray in Sanskrit and mix marathi language in Devanagari script is found dating to the year 1012. Also in this premises an Epigraph prepared by Devgiri Yadav King Ramchandra in Sanskrit and mixed Marathi Language in Devnagari script is found dating to the year 1291. An epigraph of Kashidevray is the first ever available epigraph.

    Alibag Beach Alibaug Beach, Nagaon, Mandwa, Kihim, Kashid, Akshi Seashore

    Alibag Beach, Alibaug beaches, Nagaon, Mandwa, Kihim, Kashid, Akshi, Seashore


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