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Alibag Alibaug Alibagh Alibaugh - Tourist Guide, Maps, Beaches

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Alibag, Alibaug, Alibagh, Alibaugh, Maps, Tourist Guide, Phone Directory

    Alibag Alibaug Alibagh Alibaugh - The City of Sun, Sand, Peace and Harmony !!!

    Alibag The journey beigns now....

    I will talk about Alibag at a glance, history of Alibag and geography.... Let me make it clear at the very outset - I am going to use the both ... Alibag and Alibaug !! Personally I spell it as Alibag. If someone knows about the origin of AlibaUg...Please let me know (AlibagH is used by some non Maharashtrians)!!!

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    Alibag (Alibagh, Alibaugh) is an idyllic town on the western coast of India, known as the Konkan region. It lies on almost the same latitude as the southern tip of Mumbai and is very close to this tip across the narrow strip of the Arabian Sea.

    Alibag (Alibaug, Alibagh, Alibaugh) - At a Glance...

    It is only 19 kms by sea situated at South of Mumbai port covered with Coconut , Areca trees and lush greenery. Nowadays, Alibag has become a very attractive tourist halt due to it's beautiful gardens planted with Coconut, Areca trees. It has a pleasant and pollution free atmosphere in addition to the beautiful Colaba fort. Earlier days gardens of Coconut and Areca trees were spread up from North to person named "Ali". City based on Ali's gardens was named as "Alibag".


    By road it is a three-hour drive from Mumbai as the route winds north from the Mumbai peninsula to Navi Mumbai and then curves and moves south along the mainland coast. Alibag has a lovely beach that is unspoiled. There is a historic fort that is now in ruins just off the beach. The hill range of the Western Ghats line the other side of the city giving it a unique character of greenery and the blue of the ocean. It's a wonderful place to take a relaxed vacation with nothing on your mind. Alibag is a place for a vacation. An unhurried pace of life is a small town with a beautiful beach and the green hills on the other side, free of pollution and noise.

    Alibag is quiet with a moderate number of tourists who come over on the weekend. Alibag is a frequent getaway for people in Mumbai with many owning farmhouses off the beach. The launch from Mumbai makes it closer although during the monsoons a boat ride is not advisable. Alibag is an old town relating to the Marathas.

    • Lovely beauty of Nature
    • Eye soothing greenery
    • Coconut trees standing in queue
    • Quick sandy beaches
    • Old huge houses as the remains of the history
    • Excellent pieces of architecture
    • Historically important places
    • Pleasant atmosphere
    • Tasty food
    • Twitter of birds
    • Ruffling of leaves and flowers
    • The mysterious sounds of waves
    • The festival of colors in the sky

    History of Alibag (Alibaug, Alibagh)

    Alibag is about 300 years old city. If you get off at Alibag bus stand...You will be surprized... Why this guy is calling it as a city? No...It is a village (in US terms) and a town (in Indian terms). So don't blame me...I have already warned you !!! Here is a short essay about the history of Alibag. If you find it too boring..just skip it...For the sake of completeness I'm adding it.

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    • Alibag was developed in the 17th century by Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre, the Naval chief of King Shivaji's kingdom.
    • Declared as a Taluka place in 1852
    • Added four Talukas and Kulaba district was formed in 1869.
    • Many people used to call Alibag as Shribag. (Specially our Sanskrit teacher).
    • Now they formed 'Shribag' as a part of Alibag. Some people used to mention Alibaug as 'Kulaba'
    • The population of alibag was around 5000 in 1881. (I don't guarantee about the authenticity of the
    • information. I read it somewhere)
    • Starting of Schools in 1924
    • Alibag was not directly connected to Mumbai at that time. People used to travel by sea from Revas,
    • Dharmtar or Mankule. The scenario changed in 1964. The bridge of Dharamtar Creek was built,
    • alibag got attached to the other cities like Mumbai.

    Earlier Mangaon was the main place of Raigad district. Now??? ....Ofcourse Alibag !!!

    Geography of Alibag Maharashtra (Alibaug, Alibagh)

    Altitude Sea Level
    Rainfall 170 mm
    Temperature Max 36, Min 14 degree C
    Area Code 02141
    Pin Code 402 201
    District Raigad
    State Maharashtra
    Country India

    Alibag Alibaug Alibagh Alibaugh - Tourist Guide, Maps, Beaches

    Alibag, Alibaug, Alibagh, Alibaugh, Maps, Tourist Guide, Phone Directory


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