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Software Testing Interview Questions And Answers

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Types Of Software Testing, Software Testing Tutorial, Software Testing Course, Test Cases

    Software Testing Interview Questions And Answers

    1. Can u explain the structure of bug life cycle?
    2. Can you explain V model in manual testing?
    3. Can you explain me the levels in V model manual?
    4. Can you explain water fall model in manual testing?
    5. Difference between bug,error,and defect?
    6. Explain about MicroSoft Six Rules Standardfor User Interface testing?
    7. Explain about use case document ?
    8. Explain me the phases of STLC and explain each one briefly?
    9. Give exact and appropriate definition of testing.
    10. How many modes of recording are there ?
    11. How to add objects to the Object Rpository?
    12. How to arrive Testcase? and how to write Testcase in Email id? when we go for winrunner and why we go for
    13. How to carry out manual testing for a background process which does't have any user interface ?
    14. How to do regression testing, and can give one or two examples on that in the same application?
    15. How to test the Microsoft Word 2003. What all the major areas to be tested, please explain.
    16. How to write a testcase and bugreport?plz expln with an example.
    17. How will you review the test case and how many types are there ?
    18. Share a particular project where you have been able to learn enough skills to help with testing? (more for the
    19. The role of both QA & QC?
    20. What are GET TO , SETTO,and GET RO properties in QTP.
    21. What are the difference between per text mode and shared mode in qtp ?
    22. What are the objectives of Lowlevel recording? What is Elapsed Time? When we use Update mode? Is Quick Test
    23. What are the objectives of Utility objects?
    24. What are the objectives of debugging?
    25. What are the processes followed in your company for automation?
    26. What do you mean by Pilot Testing?
    27. What is AUT?
    28. What is BUG Life cycle?
    29. What is Black Box Testing?
    30. What is FSO can you explain?
    31. What is Review?
    32. What is SRS and BRS document?Can you explain them briefly.
    33. What is SRS and BRS in manual testing.
    34. What is STLC how many phases are there can you explain them .
    35. What is Sanity Test,Adhoc Testing & Smoke Testing? When will use the Above Tests?
    36. What is V model can u explain ?
    37. What is V model in manual testing ?
    38. What is a frame work at what situations we will use?
    39. What is a test plan who will prepare that one?
    40. What is alpha tesging and beta testing ?
    41. What is application entry and exit criteria?
    42. What is compatibility testing?
    43. What is debugging?
    44. What is determination?
    45. What is exact difference between Debugging & Testing?
    46. What is fish model can you explain?
    47. What is frame work in qtp.
    48. What is functional testing,system testing,datadriven testing?
    49. What is integration testing?
    50. What is mean by gui testing ? What is mean by client/Server? What is meat by web based application ?
    51. What is objective of actions in qtp ?
    52. What is performance testing?
    53. What is port testing?
    54. What is prototype model in manual testing?
    55. What is regualr expression and when we will use regularexpression in qtp?
    56. What is reusable action in qtp?
    57. What is stand alone mode running in load runner?
    58. What is stress testing?
    59. What is stub and driver in manual testing?
    60. What is system testing?
    61. What is test bed?
    62. What is test development?
    63. What is test metrics ?
    64. What is test strategy who will prepare that one. And what will be there in test strategy.
    65. What is the Testcase Life Cycle.
    66. What is the definition for test life cycle?
    67. What is the difference between constant and parameter in qtp?
    68. What is the difference between properties and methods in qtp?
    69. What is the difference between smoke testing and sanitary testing ?
    70. What is the difference between test scenarios and test strategy?
    71. What is the difference between usability testing and GUI?
    72. What is the model of spiral binding in manual testing? Can you explain spiral binding?
    73. What is unit testing in manual?
    74. What is unit testing?
    75. What is virtual memory?
    76. What is virtual object and at what we will use virtual object in qtp?
    77. What is virtual object and when will we use?
    78. What is visual source safe?
    79. What part of the testing phase is the most important part for testing in the cycle?
    80. What type of testing questions will be asked for 2+ yrs exp people in interview?
    81. When we do update mode in qtp?
    82. Where do check points store in qtp ?
    83. Who are prepared use case?
    84. Why do need synchronization in qtp?
    85. Why do u use object spy in qtp?
    86. can u explain spiral binding model in manual testing developers looking to do= testing)
    87. how i can do gui testing,what is its important contant,plz tell me all property of Gui testing
    88. how to wrtie test case with a minimum of 13 columns.......
    89. supports Java Script? What is extention for test script in Quick Test?
    90. what is the Testcase Life Cycle ?
    91. what is the differene between scenario and testcase ?
    92. whta is open beta testing? ans it done at which end? what is the difference b/w open beta testing and beta testing?
    93. why do u save .vbs in library files in qtp winrunner

    Software Testing Interview Questions And Answers

    Black Box Testing Software Testing Books Software Testing Document Software Testing Notes


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