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Object-Orientation Concepts, UML interview Questions

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Interview Questions Object Orientation Concepts, UML

    Object-Orientated Concepts, UML interview Questions

    Object-Orientation Concepts, UML interview Questions

    Object-Orientated Concepts, UML interview Questions...

    • What is inheritance?
    • Difference between Composition and Aggregation.
    • Difference: Sequence Diagrams, Collaboration Diagrams.
    • Difference: 'uses', 'extends', 'includes'

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    • What shall I go for Package Diagram?
    • What is Polymorphism?
    • Is class an Object? Is object a class?
    • Comment: C++ "includes" behavior and java "imports"
    • What do you mean by "Realization"?
    • What is a Presistent, Transient Object?
    • What is the use of Operator Overloading?
    • Does UML guarantee project success?
    • Difference: Activity Diagram and Sequence Diagram.
    • What is association?
    • How to resolve many to many relationship?
    • How do you represent static members and abstract classes in Class Diagram?
    • Can we use UML for user interface (UI) design?
    • Every object has : state, behavior and identity - explain
    • How to reverse engineer C++ code in UML?
    • What are the tools you used for OOAD?
    • Difference: Object Oriented Analysis (OOA) and Object Oriented Design (OOD)?
    • What are the four phases of the Unified Process ?
    • How do you convert uses cases into test cases?

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    • Explain Class Diagram in Detail.
    • What are the Design Patterns you know.
    • When do you prefer to use composition than aggregation?
    • UML: IS it a process, method or notation?
    • Does a concept HAVE to become a class in Design?
    • What are the good practices to use while designing for reuse?
    • Can you think of some nice examples where *multiple* actors are associated with a use case ?
    • How to use CRC Cards for Class Design?
    • What is the difference between static and dynamic Classificaition.Give some examples.
    • Explian following terms: Constraint Rules, Design by contract.
    • What is Object Constraint Language (OCL)?
    • Difference Between Attribute and Association.
    • What are associative classes?
    • OOAD and UML Interview Questions - OOAD and UML Interview Questions

    Object-Orientation Concepts, UML interview Questions

    Object Orientation Concepts, UML Interview, Software Architect Jobs


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