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C/C++ Programming Tips Tricks, Best Practices, Effective STL

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C/C++ Programming Tips Tricks, Best Practices, Effective STL

    C/C++ Programming Tips Tricks Best Practices

    C++ Time saver, Tips and Tricks on C++ Standard Template Library (STL), Important books and web links for effective C++ programming

    C++ Tips Tricks

    C++ Programming Tips Tricks Books

    • C++ Standard Library Practical Tips - C++ Standard Library Practical Tips teaches beginning and experienced programmers how to use the Standard Library and its major component the Standard Template Library (STL) effectively in routine programming chores. The book provides 100 quick, easy-to-use tips and solutions to common programming problems such as using the right container, getting a C-style array from a vector, initializing a map with specifi ed values, and computing the mean, median, and mode.

      -- Useful EBooks --
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    • C++ Cookbook - C++ Cookbook is written in a straightforward format, featuring recipes that contain problem statements and code solutions, and apply not to hypothetical situations, but those that you're likely to encounter. A detailed explanation then follows each recipe in order to show you how and why the solution works.

    • Effective C++ : 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs - This exceptionally useful text offers Scott Myers's expertise in C++ class design and programming tips. The second edition incorporates recent advances to C++ included in the ISO standard, including namespaces and built-in template classes, and is required reading for any working C++ developer.

    • Effective STL: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of the Standard Template Library - Written for the intermediate or advanced C++ programmer, renowned C++ expert Scott Meyers provides essential techniques for getting more out of the Standard Template Library in Effective STL, a tutorial for doing more with this powerful library.

    C/C++ Programming Tips Tricks Best Practices Links

    • C++ Tips Tricks Bank - Tips on Algorithms Classes ,Coding ,Compilers ,Data Access ,Debugging ,Error/Exception Handling , Functions ,Memory Management ,MFC ,Operators ,Overloading ,Pointer Arithmetic , Profiling ,Scripting ,STL ,Virtual Functions ,Other C++

    • C++ Tip-of-the-Day - C++ Tip-of-the-Day. This is a compilation of information, C++ Tips, Tricks and best practices The purpose of this free service is to keep developers on their toes with interesting, useful, and some non-useful tidbits.

    • C++ Tips - This is a short list of recommendations on how to use C++. Compilers, IO of binary files, When are destructors called for local variables, Use {} to keep things local, Scope of variables declared in for(), When to use virtual members

      -- Useful EBooks --
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    • C++ Tips and Tricks - This is a little collection of C++ Tips/Tricks/little known facts. Discovering Memory Leaks, Exact Time Measuring, Functionpointer to class memberfunctions, Setting Fullscreen mode under windows, Know thy stringstreams, std::sort with non-static compare-method in a class

    • Top 20 C++ Tips of All Time - What makes these tips special is that the information they provide usually cannot be found in C++ books or Web sites. For example, pointers to members are one of the most evasive, tricky, and bug-prone issues for even advanced users.

    • C++ Coding Tips - ABCs and Inheritance, Scope, Classes, Overloading, Parameters, Exceptions and Templates

    • C++ Portability Guide - C++ portability rules, Stuff that is good to do for C or C++ - What follows is a set of rules, guidelines, and tips that are useful in making C++ code portable across many machines and compilers

    C/C++ Programming Tips Tricks, Best Practices, Effective STL

    Programming Tips Tricks, C++ Programming Tips, Object Oriented Programming Tips


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